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SMH Products

SMH are specialist manufactures and suppliers to the asbestos removal, fire and safety industries.

Our main business activity is the manufacture and sale of Decontamination Equipment for the asbestos removal industry and associated industries including Nuclear and all those associated with hazardous substances both in the UK and Europe.

Operating from a manufacturing base in South Shields and 5 national hire, sales and service branches in London, Birmingham, Newcastle, Glasgow and Southampton. We operate in conjunction with our partners in several countries worldwide, and from a branch in Paris France.

SMH Hire depots were established to hire service and repair our manufactured equipment as well as now being a major service and repair centre for other manufacturers' equipment that asbestos removal contractors use.

Respiratory Protection Products are becoming a major product line with Face Fit Testing, Mask testing and Service a specialist function available by fully trained engineers at all our locations as well as DOP and PAT electrical testing.

Mask Face Fit Testing SMH undertake a nationwide on site face mask face fit test service as detailed in HSE Regulations.

Mask Testing HSE Guidance Notes make reference to Face Masks being tested every six months by a competent person, SMH Test Full face Masks on specially manufactured equipment.

SMH - a one stop shop for all your asbestos removal requirements. If you don't see it here - we will make it.

Harley Scientific: a division of SMH, manufacture an instrument called Fibrecheck™ which is used to examine ambient air for the presence of asbestos fibres.

Usually it is used in places where asbestos is suspected of being present, for instance when it is being stripped out of a building, or where asbestos in a fragile state is known to exist. Factories that process asbestos or other fibrous materials also use it for routine air monitoring. It is small, self-powered, simple to operate, and easily portable.